Why to use backup

Probably, you had opportunity to face the choice of doing backup.

Probably … or maybe not, you thought: „I do not need this.”

Often we don’t even realize that we need backup and how the loss of data could impact us. Mostly people divide on ones that do backup and ones that will start to do this. Everything depends on a situation which leads to make such though decision. Believe us, we’ve been there.

Some time ago, we had situation in which some of „not really useful stuff” were gone. After this, we realized we do really need this data.


We backup most of data, but also because of our profession, we do have testing environments at home. Therefore on our private server we did stripping instead of mirror – we wanted it to be faster. Unfortunately for us we lost our data- together with most of our blog entries! – bad for us. Fortunately not with OS – it was on another – smaller disk. Some of entries we were able to retrieve, but some are lost forever, only some scraps of what we’ve published are stored in our heads.

What was the most unlucky coincidence is that even if we had mirror, we would lose the data. Both of our disks in stripe has gone dead at the same time!!! Surprisingly the disks were from different series but we had, what technically we could call, sucking bad luck.

We took conclusions from our lessons learnt, we’ve bought NAS, we’ve bought 3disks instead of two and right now we have raid 5 🙂



Our blog is up and running on some hosting portal – luckily for us – now it is backed up also on our NAS so we would not lose the data anymore.

Next time we will share why we’ve chosen the data storage solution, what to look at during choosing one and some tips 🙂

Also some possibilities for internal usage and how to IT your life 🙂