Smart World – IoT

Technology is constantly changing, how does it improve our daily life.


Not so long ago, there were no cell phones available, no internet, no computers. After some time the things started to change, at first these were luxury goods, but with the time these became common things available for everyone.


How this improves the world we live in?


First of all we can look at communication and collaboration. With cell phone or internet access you can maintain long distance communication. The improvements went few steps further, the technology is getting smarter. The programs and algorithms get more intelligent and more responsive. There are many improvements of our lives such as:

·        Measurements and analysis can improve the production. E.g. smart metering like energy consumption monitoring; monitoring and optimization in solar or wind power plants.

·        Any device is accessible.

·        Solutions tailored to the needs.

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Is this necessary for our existence?

Of course not, but once you get used to simplification, you do not want get rid of it.  Improvements of technologies are the response to people’s needs.

It will significantly improve our comfort. The pace of life has changed, to be and live more efficient, there is a certain need of technology improvement.

·        Parking space monitoring – displaying information about parking spots availability and location. Of course you can travel around large parking spaces searching for free place, but what is the point in wasting the time, when the information can be provided automatically.

·        Traffic intensity – monitoring of congestion on the roads and displaying alerts to prevent stacking in traffic jams. It will optimize  routes used by cars and not only that.

·        Smart city lighting – lights are on when the level of darkness is reached. This helps not only with improving comfort of living, additionally this improves effectiveness of power usage. No one has to set when the lights has to turn on and off. We all face the situation especially in winter, when it is getting dark earlier and city lights not always are on. With automatic lighting detector, the lamps will turn on without any intervention.

·        Touchless or NFC payments – used in shops, gyms, public transport etc.

·        Smart households – there are lots of possibilities starting from security to automation of daily work:

  • Intrusion detection – the sensors can read the certain anomalies while your absence and send you and security company the information about it.
  • Remote control device – of course you know about remote devices to your home equipment like TV, air – conditioning, shutters, lights etc. There are also universal remote controllers, enabling to use one device for multiple equipment. Additionally, these things can be operated from your phone, tablet, laptop. The settings even let you know, time schedule of particular actions.
  • Temperature monitoring – devices that enables to monitor the temperature at home and automatically control your home heating and/or air conditioning systems to keep the optimal temperature level.


Smart Environment

Certain technology developments can avoid dramatic environmental disasters and avoid them at early stage.

·        Early Earthquake detection – environmental measuring and analytics enables to collect the data on which basis the anomalies can be detected at early stage. With such knowledge, we are able to act more wisely.

·        Water monitoring – with different sensors, devices and programs the early detection of water disasters can be avoided:

  • Chemical leakage – monitoring the rivers, damns or reservoir  from contamination perspective. Detecting any deviations from the normal state.
  • Sea and Oceans contamination – sensors that detects in real time any wastes.
  • Water level monitoring – there are seasons when rain intensity gets higher. Such systems helps to detect certain areas which could be impacted with water floods.

·        Air pollution – similar to water contamination, the deviation from normal state will be alerted.

·        Fire detection  – not only the sensors at households or other facilities are necessary. The great forest areas are more endangered, because the fire spreads there really fast and not acting at early stage could result in the green area loss.

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Of course there are more and more such examples. The technology is surrounding us, and it depends on us how we want to use it.