Be more sensible in Web

The more the better – not always .. If you want to be secure in network installing tones of antiviruses software will not do the job. Pick one, more will just exclude each other or further on it will impact your computer work. It will work slowly due to the fact that antiviruses programs will be scanning your computer in parallel. Unfortunately it will not be 5 times more secure. Even it could be more vulnerable.

Using free antiviruses software, could be one of the choices. Please note, that free antiviruses bases are not so fast to be update that in the commercial versions. Still it is better to have antivirus program than none.

Another remark about antivirus that not often it is user and computer friendly. Sometimes it is not optimized and during the scanning (when you have slower computer) it may bring you more problems that benefits. Just choose one, which is also good for work in parallel to scanning.

Be aware what you do in Internet:

  1. Do not click on every link that pops up on your favorite website. Often, the links are just commercials, but sometimes you may enter the link which redirects you to service where you have to pay for something extra or in the worst case scenario, you will activate virus on your computer.
  2. Do not install software from suspicious websites
  3. Do not install software from unknown provider / vendor
  4. Do not let any unauthorized downloads to be done, especially when you see that files are executable
  5. Do not provide your private credentials on website you do not know
  6. Do not use the same login and passwords for all of your accounts – when your data will be revealed in one service it will make other your services vulnerable.

Recently quite popular is ransomware. Probably you have heard about this. It is maybe not so new, but getting more popular. It installs software on your computer and then affects your private files by encrypting them. You cannot access your files and the problem is you can undo this process, but you will be forced to pay for this.

The easiest way to secure yourself against this is to have backup of your data. But you have to be aware when virus took over your data (sometimes it is not so easy). Of course some of your data could be lost, but better is to have something than nothing. The next step in parallel to backup is also to format your computer. This is the best way to get rid of unwanted stuff.

There are lots of really popular programs which claim to remove all signs of virus from your computer. Unfortunately often it makes more harm than benefit. With using Windows as your operating system, such program could just remove your registry entries (heart of operating system) making this nonfunctional.

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Just for the end … The most important is to do things wisely. Just think for a moment, would you provide someone, you do not know, with your credit card number and pin. I do not think so. The same is in the web, when you do not know the source, do not let others have crucial information on you.